What is Homeguard?

The HomeGuard unit is a device that is installed directly at your meter. It is designed to help protect your home's wiring, electronics and white appliances from electrical spikes and surges.


The HomeGuard warranty covers only white appliances as sensitive electronics may also need indoor surge suppressors to be completely protected.  White appliances are defined as heating and air units, washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and garbage disposer.


The HomeGuard unit may be leased for $4.99 per month which is added to your electric bill. The lease agreement is for a minimum of three (3) years. A $30.00 one-time installation fee is also charged.

Electronic Protection

We also offer point-of-use surge protection devices designed to protect sensitive electronics within the home.


Claims are paid only when a unit or suppressor is tested by the manufacture and found to have failed during a power surge. A unit or suppressor may be tested without charge.

The HomeGuard unit and suppressors can certainly help in preventing damage. As electricity can be unpredictable complete protection is not guaranteed. The unit will not remedy existing problems but is intended to help prevent damage caused by electrical spikes and surges.

HomeGuard Agreement (PDF)


Tree removal and trimming is an important service offered by Sumner-Cowley Electric. Trees interfering with power lines are a major source of line loss and outages. We are constantly removing and trimming back trees that are either very near to interfering or already interfering with Sumner-Cowley Electric lines.

Every year, heavy snow and ice cause tree limbs to break and fall on our lines causing outages. Sometimes these outages are widespread and take a considerable amount of time to repair. It is important that trees be removed or trimmed back away from power lines properly.

If you have trees on your property that are either near or touching the Co-op's lines, please submit a Tree Triming and Removal Consent Form and we will trim or remove the trees out of our lines. Sumner-Cowley Electric will only trim or remove trees that are on the primary side of the meter.

The new efficiency requirements and rebate amounts are as follows:

Water Heaters

  • Must be a minimum of 40 gallons

  • Member must provide Sumner-Cowley with date of installation and warranty term

  • The rebate, no matter if it is new construction, gas-to-electric, or electric-to-electric, is $100 for a non-lifetime water heater and $150 for a lifetime water heater.

Air Source Heat Pump

  • Member must provide Sumner-Cowley with date of installation and warranty term

  • Must have a minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 14.3.

  • Rebate amounts are $100 per ton of a 14.3 SEER, $150 per ton for a 16 SEER, and $200 per ton for 17 SEER and above.

Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Member must provide Sumner-Cowley with date of installation and warranty term

  • Open loop – Must have a minimum Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.6 and a minimum Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 16.2.

  • Closed loop – Must have a minimum COP of 3.3 and a minimum EER of 14.1.

  • Rebate amount is $125 per half – ton