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Coni Adams - Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Creed -   Director of Operations

Stacy Wiley-   Director of Finance

Abbi Jo Moulton - Member Services/Communication Specialist

Dale Miller - Warehouse Manager

Erin Struble -  Accounting Assistant

Jennifer Lintecum - Cashier/CSR

Mitch McComb - Field Staking Technician

Cayenne Wagoner - Billing/HR

Leah Drouhard - Cashier/CSR

Danny Clark - Systems Operator

Casha Short - Executive Administrative Assistant

A seven member Board of Directors governs the cooperative. These directors are resident members of the cooperative. The cooperative is divided into seven districts with one director elected from each district. Directors are elected by the membership of their respective district. Directors may be nominated by petition in accordance with the cooperative bylaws.

Elections for the Board of Directors are held at the Annual Meeting. One-third of the board is elected every year, for a three-year term. 

John Schon - President - District 7

Keith Leddy - Vice President - District 4

Jeff Swanson - Secretary/Treasurer - District 2

Craig Knudsen  - Director - District 1

John Beard - Director - District 3

Jim McMullin - Director - District 5

Gabe Schlickau - Director - District 6