Net Metering Update


At the May 2024 Board Meeting the Sumner Cowley Electric Staff made a request to the Board of Directors for support in amending the current Net Metering Tariff for renewable energy interconnections. The board of directors voted to bring this proposed change in tariff to the member owners of the cooperative.

“We’re proposing a revamping of our net metering tariff to encourage right-sized solar installations to protect the integrity and reliability of our distribution system and broaden the participation by our member owners in renewable energy interconnections. This initiative aims to empower more members to embrace sustainable energy solutions while ensuring fair and equitable benefits for all." CEO Coni Adams

The notable changes to the tariff are the calculation utilized in the determination of the allowed size of renewable installation and the disallowance of interconnected battery energy storage systems.


The Board of Directors of Sumner Cowley Electric Cooperative, Inc. will meet on Wednesday July 24th, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the proposed Net Metering Rider. This meeting will be held at the cooperative’s headquarters located at 2223 N. A Street- Wellington, KS and will be open to any member of the cooperative who wishes to attend.

Action on the retails rates (ONLY the Net Metering Rider) may be taken at that time. Members have the right to request review by the Kansas Corporation Commission of any rate change approved by the cooperative as provided by K.S.A. 66-104d(g).