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Farm Safety Camp

Summer vacation began with a spark for 43 enthusiastic students who attended the Sumner-Cowley Electric Cooperative, Inc. exhibit at Farm Safety Camp. The purpose of the event, sponsored by K-State Research and Extension and held at the Winfield Fairgrounds, was to educate adolescents on how to have a safe and fun summer.

“Farm safety is important in a rural community. There seems to be an interest in farm safety, so we wanted to do something unique and hands on,” said Jill Zimmerman, Cowley County Extension Agent who coordinated the May 22 event.

Sumner-Cowley’s exhibit demonstrated the power and potential danger of electricity. Students oohed and awed as sparks flew while Tyler Shivers, a crew lineman, simulated a dirty kite string caught in power lines. Hot dogs, toy cars and toy animals were also zapped to demonstrate if a human, car antenna or animal came into contact with a live power line. The exhibit provided a powerful visual for students of the harm and damage that can occur if proper safety precautions are not followed.

Other camp demonstrations included a smokehouse by the Winfield Fire Department, first aid demonstration by the Cowley County Emergency Preparedness, lawn mower safety by Dave’s Enterprises, tractor safety by Prairie Land Partners and methamphetamine awareness by Cowley County Drug Task Force.

Zimmerman said she has received positive comments and feedback from parents and attendees. She is excited to build on the program for next year.

“For our inaugural year, it went really well. All of us are concerned about safety in a rural environment. Hopefully we can prevent a few accidents and misfortunes this summer,” said Zimmerman.

If you are interested in having Sumner-Cowley provide a demonstration at your event, please contact Jared at

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