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COVID-19 Relief Fund

Sumner-Cowley Electric Cooperative has created a COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide energy assistance to its members who have felt the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This energy assistance program was created by using funds that went unused due to the pandemic. Money was saved by the unfortunate cancellation of the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour and the Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp. Director training was also put on hold and local festivals and after-prom events no longer needed sponsors and donations. All of these things allowed the cooperative to set aside these funds in order to help members who have seen their finances strained during this pandemic.

This relief fund will provide a one-time, dollar-for-dollar match not exceeding $100.00 to any qualifying household. To qualify, a member must complete an application and demonstrate how their household felt the financial impact of the pandemic. The member must also be prepared to make a payment in order to receive the matching funds for energy assistance.

This program is open only to residential members and has a fixed amount of funds. Once the fund has been exhausted, the program will be closed. Sumner-Cowley urges all qualifying members to promptly submit their applications.

Sumner-Cowley is committed to being member-focused and community driven and the COVID-19 Relief Fund was created to uphold one of the seven cooperative principles — Concern for Community.

Sumner-Cowley members can download the application below, pick one up from the office in Wellington or request one be delivered by mail or email.

Please contact the cooperative at 888-326-3356 if you have any questions about the program.




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